12- Free Connection-Contact Healing

Connection Contact

The power of energy healing is that we can do it, everywhere, anytime. I want to help you if you have some problems.

It could be emotional or physical, i will work on you during one week for free. Why ? Because if you are in better shape or mood, you can help the other. We open new doors and give to our world positive vibrations.

How can you receive your Connection-Contact Touching (CCT) Healing  ? :

1/ Send me an email : hnohypnosis@gmail.com or whatsaspp : +33662304517
2/ Tell me name and your problem
3/ Note on scale from 1 to 10 (the worst), your pain.
4/ Send me an email every 2 days to tell me your note.
5/ That’s all !
6/ If you are satisfied… help an other people.

Take care of you.

Be One