09- HnO Self Love Education

Education Auto Amour

We take so many time to be loved by the other and sometime we live deception cause, their love is not which one we wait for. Our society never teach us how love ourselves, this is some idea about Self Love Education.

HnO Self Love Education #1 : Define what is love for us

In France, i work about a project, to create education about self love. It’s an important way for me, cause i see so many people hate themeselves and never find this flam inside themselves to shine in their own life. Love is a key, but we need to define what is it for us. Not only a process but a state.

HnO Self Love Education #2 : What do you love the more in YOU ?

You want to become exceptional, be part of people who love themselves. And if sometime it could be difficult, just take the part you love the most in YOU.

HnO Self Love Education #3 : Don’t wait a new version of you to love you.

HnO Self Love Education #4 : Be yourself and let the other project what they want

HnO Self Love Education #5 : Connect all your part of you

HnO Self Love Education #6 : Acceptance like a dynamic movement