03- Learn Hypnosis

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This part is about how become an Hypnotist ? The idea is not to make you Hypnotherapist, only an help for some daily problems and be able to give good state and good suggestion.

Just take what is good for you.

Believe in your own potential.


HnO Hypnosis #1 : How become an Hypnotist #1 : Definition

HnO Hypnosis #2 : How become an Hypnotist #2 : Daily Transe

What can we do with hypnosis, why trance is the key to help some people.

HnO Hypnosis #3 : How become an Hypnotist #3 : 3 way to induce trance

In hypnosis, we have three ways to induce trance :
– Internal focus
– Confusion and overload
– Pattern interrupt

HnO Hypnosis #4 : How become an Hypnotist #4 : What is suggestion

Suggestion is the key of our work. And in Hypnosis, it’s important to understand the change between information and suggestion.

HnO Hypnosis #5 : Hypnosis is not only communication

Hypnosis is not only communication, it’s the art of use the transe to create an open way to accept our suggestion with less jugements.


HnO Hypnosis #6 : Different style of Hypnosis

We can find different way to work with hypnotism :
– Directive Hypnosis like in Street and Stage Hypnosis
– Direct Hypnosis to create a direct interaction between hypnotist and client
– Indirect Hypnosis to covert the way of doing hypnosis

HnO Hypnosis #7 : Regression

Regression is an very interesting tool for every hypnotist, we can use it in every session. It takes just few seconds and can reframe the problem.

HnO Hypnosis #8 : Why Pace is the most important tool in Indirect Hypnosis ?

Lot of people think that the most important place is to lead. In fact you are the real leader when you are in pace. You will understand and oriented his world.

HnO Hypnosis #9 : VoiceTone in hypnosis doesn’t need to be a Zombie Tone

In hypnosis so many people think we need to have ‘hypnotic voice’ with slow rythme and like zombie tone, but that’s don’t care, the main idea is to understand and respect the transe of the partner.

HnO Hypnosis #10 : What is Hyperempiria ?

Hyperempiria is a great discipline from Don Gibbons who can help you to connect to your higher self.
Go to see his website : http://hyperempiria.blogspot.fr/

HnO Hypnosis #11 : How become an Hypnotist #5 : The Deal

One of the main aspect at the beginning of hypnotherapy is to make a deal. This deal will give the power of what will happen to our partner. It will be his own success, we are just here to help him.

HnO Hypnosis #12 : Past life regression an interesting Symbolic tool to work with

Past life regression is a fantastic tool to us to create alternative thinking about the client problem. You can work with the symbolic way of the regression, to find some ressources and new positive beliefs.

HnO Hypnosis #13 : Continue your self education

We need to take time for us in seminars, conferences and meeting. It’s a way to be always aware of new way of thinking and it gives us opportunities to always stay humble in our profession.

HnO Hypnosis #14 : Problems in our Hypnosis and NLP Education

I think when we want to learn something, we want to understand what we study. However, the indirect way of hypnosis, the conversational one is always to put some suggestions/informations in mind of people without explain every aspects of the system. For me, it’s not the good way of teaching, but actual schools do that a lot.

HnO Hypnosis #15 : Hypnosis to help kids and teens at School

We have now a great tools and every parents, teachers and kids can learn it to become better in teching and learning. Think about Hypnosis and NlP like a key to change school and education.

HnO Hypnosis #16 : Hypnosis and Education #1 : To pretend game Introduction

Dave Elman create one of the best induction with to pretend. It can help us to create new ways of thinking when we have some difficults situations. More of that it’s so easely to use, that your youngs can learn it in a second and just begin to create self suggestion.

HnO Hypnosis #17 : Find the balance of the Trance

In Hypnosis, i think we need to find a good trance to work with our partners. We can find differents types of Trances : Open/Close Trances and Balance and Unbalance Trances.

HnO Hypnosis #18 : Hypnosis and Education #2 / Use your daily trance to suggest yourself

We have a lot of daily trance, that’s a good opportunities to use it like a leverage to give ourselves great positive suggestions.

HnO Hypnosis #19 : Hypnosis and Sport #1 / Introduction

Hypnosis is a great way to help athlete to be more focus, be able to rest better and be more open to their ressources.

HnO Hypnosis #20 : Street Hypnosis is the better way to become good in pretalk

Street Hypnosis is a school for hypnotists. We can learn so much in the street about what people think about our passion, it gives us abilities on pretalk.

HnO Hypnosis #21 : Difference between Stage Hypnosis and Therapy Hypnosis

I have a lot of question about the difference between the two type of hypnosis, this is some answers.

HnO Hypnosis #22 : Introduction to submodalities exercice. Dicrease your stress.

You can change easely the perception of what you live and stress you with great tool from NLP and Hypnosis, submodalities. I give you just 3 easy steps to test on what make you bad. Test it and observe what happen.

HnO Hypnosis #23 : Reframe To be, to do, to Have to your clients.

A lot of clients can change their vision and way of thinking only if you take time to reframe the difference about to be, to have and to do.

HnO Hypnosis #24 : Why limited Belief must be the KEY for everything … it’s BS !!

Limited belief look to be the key in psycho therapies like hypnosis, nlp and so on, like in energetic ways.
I’m not ok with this common idea…

HnO Hypnosis #25 : take care about culture of our partners/clients

It’s different to work hypnosis or psychotherapy with French people or American one. The culture and the way of thinking are different and we need to adapt our work, suggestions …

HnO Hypnosis #26 : Work with affective dependance #1

In session, we have a lot of people with affective dependance, this is some ideas.

HnO Hypnosis #27 : Learn Hypnotic induction #1 / Butterfly Induction

For the first tutorial about Hypnotic Induction, this is the Butterfly induction.
It’s my vision of this induction, watch other way on internet or in seminar with John Cerbone : http://www.hypnotistpro.com/

Pyro is often is Mexico and US, if you want a session with him in Hypnoartherapy : pyroeclips@hotmail.com

HnO Hypnosis #28 : Learn Hypnotic induction #2 / Kappa Induction

For me one of the best induction who come from John Kappa. It’s a very complete induction.

HnO Hypnosis #29 : Learn Hypnotic induction #3 / Elman Induction

This is a tutorial about the great Elman Induction.