10- Books and Essays

I wrote around 35 essays in French. I will translate some of them about personal development, Hypnosis, Energy healing or Self Hypnosis.

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Believe in your own potential,


#1 My first steps to make the Law of Attraction 

Learn some easy ideas about law of attraction and make it happen.

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#2 Limited Power : Accepting our own limits is to open up our real potential

We are limited beings and we do not evolve. We are not what personal development Guru sells, we are not exceptional beings with unlimited possibilities.

We simply are ourselves, with a more or less limited potential. This simple approach which could be at first not so nice to admit due to many educational resistances, could however be the most peaceful pathway.

In this essay, I will share my thoughts about our real potential, our limits and the freedom to be this simple man or this simple woman who do not need to always reach the stars to be happy.

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#3 Hypnosis and Pain Management : The study of the Hypno-Analgesia Process 

As said before, I am neither a doctor nor a pain specialist. I will offer to work on two types of pain.
• Acute pains which are well known for their short duration and following a precise cause. They disappear when the cause is healed, for example, a cut.
• Chronic pains which last at least 3 months and carry on even with treatment and even if the cause is healed.
With hypnosis, we are going to be able to work on both through diverse ways and tools.

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Self Mastery

#4 Hyperempiria and Self-Mastery: Apply Hyperempiria for your personal development 

Hyperempiria by Don Gibbons is a great tool to gently progress on the pathway of your personal development.
In this essay, I will share different reflections and possible strategies to go towards the mastery of yourself. You will discover that control is not necessary and that our freedom to choose really starts with at least three options…
My goal is, for your benefit, to add other elements to your pathway with and through simple exercises of Hyperempiria.

7.5$ On Amazon : https://goo.gl/FciYoy