01- Welcome to HnO Hypnosis


Welcome to HnO Hypnosis website,

I’m Pank, Hypnotherapist for Paris / France. I like to share my passion and help people to be full of potential in their daily life.

I decided to create this website and my Youtube Channel, to give some tools with Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis, NLP and Healing system. I believe that sharing is one of our greatest force.

Everything about this content is free. Some of you have no money and really want to be better in life, so you think you can receive some help. The only thing is to share great things to people, when you will be good or when you will understand how to do hypnosis.

Your wellness and happiness is a key to create a better world, step by step, subconscious mind by subconscious mind.

My english is not always good and i know much i will create video and soon mp3, better i will become.

You can ask me any question.

Be One


Facebook : Pank HnO

Mail : hnohypnosis@gmail.com
Tel : +33662304517