04- Hypno-Coaching

This part is about Coaching and more Hypno-Coaching, with an exercise that you can repeat when you have time.

Believe in your own potential,

HnO Hypno-Coaching #1 : Introduction to develop his confidence #1



HnO Hypno-Coaching #2 : Decide what is ‘to be good’ for You

Stop to be good for the other, begin to find what is the Real you, what is your real Being, and believe that your good could be bad for the other but give so much more …




HnO Hypno-Coaching #3 : Find our goal to discipline

We need to create a discipline in our life, for that we ‘ve just found what is our real goal in life.

HnO Hypno-Coaching #4 : Even Motivate sometime we need keep confidence

Sometime we think our own motivation is not enough to go to our goals. At this moment, we need to keep confidence about what we feel, what we want. We need to find some good strategy.

HnO Hypno-Coaching #5 : Believe in universe, yes… but why don’t you believe in you

We spend so many time to believe in external way of thinking and if you can do that why can’t you believe in a very concrete thing… YOU.







HnO Hypno-Coaching #6 : Begin with humility

When we have a goal sometime we think we are at the top even if we never so a first step. We become imagination winner but we are affraid to become a real life winner. Have humility give us a good step back to think and change our attitude and so on.

HnO Hypno-Coaching #7 : It’s not my fault

It’s not my fault, it’s a part of me… so many time we can tell it to ourselves… however, we are only THE one who decide in our daily life.




HnO Hypno-Coaching #8 : Change our negative inner thinking

We can change the modalities of our thinking and for that become a creator of your thoughts.






HnO Hypno-Coaching #9 : Find your evidence and plan for your strategies of life

Find your evidence of life and create a plan step by step plan for action.

HnO Hypno-Coaching #10 : Be the king of your own universe

Respect the universe in you and give to people a real part of you full of power and energy.

HnO Hypno-Coaching #11 : Are you ready to sacrifice something for your goals ?

Sacrifice is a part of the alchimy of our goals, it’s possible to succeed where we want in life. We need time to take decision about what we really want and what we are ok to let go in the process.

HnO Hypno-Coaching #12 : Desire vs Need

If we are in our coaching way, we need to understand that we need to be focus about what is our main goal, our life evidence. At these moments, desire can defocalize our work and attitude to succeed.

HnO Hypno-Coaching #13 : Don’t search to be Confident.. You can adapt you.

We spend so many time to become confident but why ??? We have a natural skills, we can adapt ourselve to everything.

 HnO Hypno-Coaching #14 : Be a gifted is not a gift !

So many people stop what they do, only because they think they are not gifted, they have no talent !!! WTF, it’s not important !! You will develop your own skills with WORK.

HnO Hypno-Coaching #15 : Fear is a Master

We learned that fear is a bad emotion, we nedd to go over it and become confident and courageous, however, fear give us naturally the best strategy to succeed.

HnO Hypno Coaching #16 : When you wake up in bad mood …

Someday we are not in good mood, our mind goes wrong and we can stay all the day like that. I give you a very easy technique to help you to change you way of thinking in few minutes.

HnO Hypno Coaching #17 : Castle of the mind

The castle of mind is a metaphore to help people to find their own potential and open them to new beahaviors and patterns.

HnO Hypno Coaching #18 : Listen what happen in you.

No one teach how to listen our self talking, our feeling or emotion. We learn how listen the other one, but not our own need. Just take take with you and respect yourself.

HnO Hypno Coaching #19 : Listen and take care of your self talking

Yesterday, i began to talk about listen better what we say and feel in our being. Today, i share you the idea to take care about our self talking, and respect you and your emotion.

HnO Hypno Coaching #20 : Be more peaceful with ourselves to change conflict / war

How can we stop conflicts, perhaps with a better respect about our own conflict and internal war. Take more time to listen us

HnO Hypno Coaching #21 : Mental is not bad !!! It’s a friend and a good part of you §

Mental is a good part of you. We are used by guru and coaches to think that is an ennemy, i’m not ok with that.

HnO Hypno Coaching #22 : Which experience do you want to live today ?

In the idea to be, to do and to have, it’s very important to understand that we can have a little bit and do big experience to be close to your being.

HnO Hypno Coaching #23 : Technique of black Bubble

A very easy technique to feel better in your life.

HnO Hypno Coaching #24 : Lock techniques

An very interesting techniques you can use to understand your space position about trauma and good things.

HnO Hypno Coaching #25 : If you spot it, you spot it.

It’s always interesting to take care about what disturb us in the other attitude. Lot of times, it’s our own problems.

HnO Hypno Coaching #26 : Decrease your emotional pain with screen method

A very simple technique to decrease emotional pain.