06- Learn Energy Healing


CT Energetics 2

I’ve worked with Energy Healing since i’m teenager and i learnt Reiki (Usui, Karuna and many more), Brofman Method, Quantum Touch, Quantum Entrainement, Magnetism… I love these method and for me it’s an use of specific Trance. I will share here, techniques and ideas to help you to learn differents ways in this wonderful world.

HnO Learn Energy Healing #1 : Contact-Connexion Healing #1

This is a Healing Energetic technique i found few years ago. This is the easiest way to share energy and help people.
Contact-Connexion doesn’t need initiation or hard mudra and breathing, just put your hand on you, and the other to your partner. Then take a real intention with word and emotion to give energy.

HnO Learn Energetic Healing #2 : Become an Energy Healer #1 / Introduction

For me when we use Energetic Healing, we use a Energetic Trance. We can find the same process avout trance, self suggestion and intention. This is an introduction.

HnO Learn Energetic Healing #2 / Become an Energy Healer #2 : Use the Symbol, you are close with